Company name Nemoto Co. Ltd.
Addless 3522 Oigo, Bando-shi, Ibaraki-ken 306-0504 Japan
Phone number 0280-88-0241
Fax number 0280-88-7332
E-mail office@nemotoen.com
Business hours 9:00~17:00
Products From Sashima, Ibaraki Prefecture、Stone milled matcha, ice cream
Message This is a teashop with a carp as a landmark that delivers happiness (tea) to everyone

The origin of delicious tea lies in the “material”, that is, the tea leaves.
The deep taste and aroma of tea is determined by the quality of the fresh leaves, so it takes time and effort to prepare the soil and manage the tea plantation.

Our unique natural farming method has a lot of microorganisms in the soil and has a natural circulation, so it is resistant to diseases and pests and can be cultivated without waste with reduced pesticides.

In addition, the traditional manufacturing method by the tea master is used to consistently manage the process from fresh leaves to products, so please enjoy safe, secure and reliable Nemotoen tea.